Project on demand:

A fine difference between object and myth... ?

An amplifier just only for you? This project on demand means, that no other person arround the world will have same amplifiers. Each line is unique!

Make your dreams come true... tell us your desire and we will do our best.

Be sure, that for this project on demand we use our best electronic, our Masters Reference VIRTU.

Contact us directly please for this project welcome@da-vinci-audio.com

Unique piece: Stereo phono amplifier based on masters reference virtu circuit. Our own creation of transformer coupled circuit design, single ended, class A is responsible for the remarkable purity and emotionality of sound.

Peak performance, worthy to play your exceptional LP's collection.

Unique piece: Stereo pre amplifier based on Masters Reference VIRTU circuit. It's a worldwide unique design: single ended, completely transformer coupled and class A, amplifer.

If you are searching to improve your system, then this uncompromisingly Masters Reference VIRTU makes a lot of sense. You will be stunning!